I Kissed Him... What do you think?

I've have this really nice teacher at my school, he's 28 (I'm 17) and since he started teaching me we made jokes and laughed... I can pull of way more than the rest of the class.. I only get A's in his subject (I'm really good in French)... And he told me and other people that I'm his start pupil... We laugh and I ask him for advice on how to handle the divorce of my parent...

And last night I was out with a couple of friends and apparently he was there with friends two... And when my friends left he asked me to come sit with them, it was really fun. Afterwards he walked me home, and we stood there and just talked a little... and then there was this silence for a couple of seconds and he looked at me and kissed me...

(I've had this crush on him for a while now) And I kissed him back, it felt so good and butterflies were flying around in my stomach like crazy...

What do you guys think...?

Just thought I´d let you know, we just talked and he told me he liked me for a while now. But also that he thinks he could get into all kinds of trouble.. He says he doesn't want to act weird around me in class or at school, but he thinks we should keep
it to ourselves. He was also sorry that he kissed me and that he shouldn't have done that, but he just likes me a lot. He says that he wants to hook up this summer holiday but we can´t go out in public... And he says that since I only have one year of
school left we should wait until I graduate before we go out in public together.. the other option was him quitting his job for a year or so, but I told him not to..


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  • Keep it slow and private until you are 18 and out of high school.


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  • Just don't let anyone know about it until you hit 18... :P

  • hook up with him


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  • Honey...

    What the hell.

    Your teacher can lose his job because of this "little kiss".

    Forget the freakin butterflies and sh*t, that happens to a lot of us, it's just useless emotion we get when we first kiss someone.

    The Cops and the Law could technically say that he's luring a minor, because you're 17.

    This man should be your teacher, not your boyfriend.

    And if I were one of your personal friends and you had told me this, I would report him to the school officials. Because, he crossed the line.

    What he did was wrong, whether you like him or not. Your 17! He's 28! That's an 11 year difference. If you were 18 and he wasn't your teacher anymore, it'd be a different story...

    But right now...

    It's straight up wrong.

    • Not only that, but it was sick. He's twenty-freaking-eight!

    • 17 isn't a little child. Most 17 year old girls are fully developed. So its not sick.


  • i think you really need to keep that on the dl... you could both get in a lot of serious trouble if people find out, especially him. he would almost definitely be fired, and his chances of teaching at any other school would be close to none. just be careful, he may want to go a lot farther then you do...

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