I still really love him, any advice?

Theres a guy who I have loved for a while and I know I shouldn't because he has a girlfriend and one time he even tried to have sex with me in his house, but I still have feelings for him.

We started off as really great friends and then he kind of changed and if this makes any sense at all I don't love who he is right now but I love who he used to be. I miss him so much and thanks to his girlfriend we can't even talk anymore.

Believe me when I say I have tried so hard to move on but I keep coming back to him. He makes me so happy and I feel like were meant to be together but he's really in love with his girlfriend, and I have never come between them but I miss him as a friend.

So I'm very torn and I'm not sure what to do. I probably won't talk to him ever again because we had a huge fight that involved the cops and stuff, don't ask it had to do with him hurting me. Any advice would be really helpful, thanks!


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  • Well to get over him think about these facts:

    1. He's a cheater who tried to have sex even though he had a girlfriend. So he'd likely cheat on you too.

    2. He's no longer the man you fell in love with, you said so yourself.

    3. He's really in love with someone else. NOT you. He doesn't love you, but apparently wants to use you for sex.


    That do anything for you? No?

    At least think about this: he's not that great of a catch so you're obviously "into" him because his attention makes you feel good and worthwhile. But if you felt good and worthwhile with or without him, then you could see him for the cheating, changed, unloving, abusive man that he is, and instead choose and honest, stable, loving, safe man. And it would feel EVEN BETTER than this first guy. You just don't know that yet because you're hung up. So get unhung, baby.

    • Thanks that's really helpful!

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