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I live in LA and I am dating a guy lives in Melbourne.We have been dating online 5 months and this June will be 6 months. The problem is that when I ask him something personally like his family or his relationships ,he just says nothing.He sent me gift of a football team ,but he sent it by his friend address.I asked him for his address,he gave me many excuses.I gave him my phone number form 4 months and didn't call .I asked for some picture of his won he just sent me one only.we still emailing .Do I continue with him and we met online ,or not ?maybe he has girlfriend ,but doesn't seem like that by chatting or emailing.


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  • Ding, ding, ding! Do you hear that sound? That's the warning alarm telling you to pull out of this without a second thought. You've shown him that you trust him, but he's doing absolutely nothing to build your trust in him. You need to find another man immediately and also be on the lookout for similar behavior in the future before letting it go for six months. If a man is giving you a consistent pattern of excuses as to why he has to hold you at bay, he's incapable of loving you. Sorry to break it to you, but all your love, caring and emotions won't sway him. He needs to resolve his issues and do it outside of a relationship, instead of dragging you along for the ride. Hun, pull the plug and don't look back.

  • Obviously he has trust issues. Where there is no trust, there also is no love.

    "Do I continue with him and we met online ,or not ?"

    It depends on what you want with this relationship. If it is love you want, forget it.


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