Lately my boyfriend is a jerk - what's up with that?

so lately my boyfriend has been a jerk to me sometimes but other times he's the nicest person ever. I see him practically everyday. sometimes 4 times a week in the morning and afternoon. he has been calling me annoying and we haven't had sex in 2 weeks and he said its because I'm always around all the time. also this weekend I had imd him and he never responded to me I got so mad at that but he usually does that when he's playing a game so w.e. all I ask for is a text or call from him and I'm fine not seeing him but considering his phones broken now the only way is iming,but, if I am not around him all so often like I am will this stop and things get better again? I am trying my hardest I just want things normal again and for him to stop calling me this. but I do know that I do annoy him too and I know I can be annoying at times myself. please help me will this stop if I don't see him as much?


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  • How long have you been dating this guy. I can understand wanting space but "playing games" is just stupid and pointless. Did he call you annoying or something?

    • Ten months almost a year. and yea he called me anoyying just because I'm around all the time. I'm just going to give him some free space

    • The distance is a good idea. Just enjoy time away from him and do your own thing. Ten months is a while but yeah, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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  • sometimes be around someone too much can make

    you grow too attached or just all around sick of that person .

    it seems you have the attached and has the sickness ,

    i'm sure some distance will do you guys some justice .

    i mean after all my all time favorite quote is "distance makes

    the heart grow fonder" you guys should try it out and limit your

    visiting times it seems to be making your guy's relationship grow

    weaker .

    hope I helped ! (:

  • hhhmm dump him now before he gets you..a real boyfriend that loves do not do that..

    they can't even stand not seeing you or texting you..

    and they can't stand having 2 weeks past and not have sex..