Why do women talk about exes?

Why do women always talk about their exes? every woman I have ever dated talks about their exes. why do they think I would want to hear this?


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  • some girls will because they are still lfriends with the guy and feel its okay too, or if they are telling you how they got hurt by them, there telling you please don't hurt them, espes not in the same way.

    it all depends on the type of conversation your having. I don't mind guys telling me about their exes and I'll speak about mine if I feel I have to as at one point this person was in my life, had effects on my life and I've learnt from them. I don't see any point in hiding what I've learnt and gained. I know other girls who feel the same. so it might be for similar reasons to this.

  • I never bring my ex up to my man. I don't want to hear about his, I am sure he doesn't want to hear about mine.


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