What is it about coworkers?

Why do people date/sleep with coworkers? I need honest answers here. I believe messing around with coworkers is bad juju and can cause nothing but work drama(especially if it doesn't work out) but yet I am always hearing about people dating their coworkers...am I missing something here? My boyfriends have all said that you need to separate work life with social life to avoid work drama but 2 of them have left me and started dating coworkers...I just don't get it.


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  • I have dated co-workers in the past and honestly I don't see anything wrong with it. I think if you still keep it professional then there is nothing wrong. Work is sometimes the best place to meet people because it's one of the main places you're at all the time and you get to know people. Some people like it some don't. But I don't see anything wrong. I broke up with my last boyfriend because of issues that would have risen whether or not we worked together but we still managed to be adults and stay professional at work.


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  • In addition to the people being there, you also have a chance to know more about the person's abilities, intelligence and personality. You get a chance to see how they interact with other people and you have things in common.

    Another interesting element is that modern workplaces are becoming more and more boring for many of us. Plug away in a cubicle, no windows, no sunlight. White noise coming in over the speakers. Nothing going on.

    Until that hottie walks by. The complete absence of anything else increases the attractiveness of what people do come by.

    It can be a messy thing though and sucks if it goes wrong. But, adding in age, alcohol, and (hopefully) maturity, the format isn't all that different than high school.

  • No mystery; its often just a good place to meet people. Quite often you see many husband and wife teams working in the same company.


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  • I agree with glowgirl. Work is just a great place to meet someone, and if you click with them, the fact that you are employed by the same office or whatever shouldn't be a barrier.

    My roommate is dating one of our co-workers and things are going really well for them.

    The thing is, you just have to be professional and mature about things so that if your relationship outside of work goes sour, you don't let that carry over into your work interactions. And, you know, it's best to try and avoid having sex in the supply closet when you're on the clock. Most bosses tend to have a problem with that. ;)

    • I agree. Having sex in the supply closet is a quick way to lose your job! LOL.