Should I go out with this girl? she's saying other girls like me too?

I'm a good looking guy I have to admit but I've never fully accepted who I am fully in light of a girls eyes. I used to be shit ridden with acne and had braces for a while and because I used to blush I avoided girls for my own social sanity. The thing is I haven't had a real relationship, only flirtatious ones, but I could probably count the number of girls that have either asked me out or said they liked me on my hands and feet twice over unlike my friends. Some girls have even felt me up before but I kinda ignored it as fooling around. So bearing in mind that I'm a bit of an over thinker, this cute emo chick asks me out saying she wants to f me (basically) and says a load of the girls in school agree that I'm attractive or something along those lines. Now seeing this as my chance I kinda lead her on (never had a gf) but know now that when she mentioned her friend liked me, a super hot girl, I kinda withdrew a bit because that girl was the one I had my on for a while.

So I don't know what to do, do you think maybe I should go with this nice average girl who's desperate for me in every way for perhaps experience, or should I aim higher for the girl I like 100% because I know she likes me too? :? It's not until now I've realized i'm not the nerdy recluse I used to be.


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  • You must hangout.


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