Should i continue this or end it right now?

So this guy i had been talking to for a while but had never actually hung out with, asked me to come over to his house. (He also said that he wanted to hook up.) i'm not about just meeting up with a guy to hook up so i asked him if we could just hang out as friends and he said sure.

We planned this out yesterday, but because all he really wanted was to hookup, it kind of changed how i feel about him and i'm really not down to go over today, so i didn't even bother texting him.

Do you think its okay if i kind of just disappear (since he's done it to me countless times) or should i text him saying that i'm not coming by?


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  • I admire you acting a lady. Yeah I would just stop texting him, don't feel bad. Like he said all he wants is to hook up. Let him go and find that somewhere else. Not someone who is young and ladylike like you. Stick to your guns, keep your standards high and men will respect you for it.

    Please don't hook up with him, find someone that can be bothered to date you properly first. :)

    • Thanks girl! :) means a lot, and yes i usually do have a hard time saying yes, but when i know that i am the sane and normal one it makes me feel much better!!

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  • He sounds like a horny weirdo. If you actually want to be with him and/or have sex, well that's your decision.

    I'm assuming that you don't though, so I suggest cutting it off.

  • far as you can


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