If you're "talking" to a guy and he stops texting you did he loose interest?

If you're "talking" to a guy and he stops texting you did he loose interest?
I haven't talked to him since Friday . He use to text me first all the time. He told me he was going to sleep, and was kind of romantic about it. I just said okay, and he asked me what's wrong, and I didn't reply. He hasn't texted me since


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  • Text him. He probably thinks u don't want to be bothered. You did say he always texts u first and y admitted that the last time he texted u, u didn't respond. If I were a guy I would think maybe u lost interest. If u really like him just text him. U can initiate the conversation sometimes too. He doesn't always have to be the first.

    • i agree if a girl doesn't respond i assume she doesn't want me to text her. but why wouldn't u respond if u are interested?

      if u had ignored 2 texts from a guy and he doesn't text u anymore, and u dont text him first (who usually initiated text) after, then does it mean the guy should back off?

    • I wouldn't have to be a guy to back off. If it was me and I constantly texted a guy and then finally he doesn't text back, I would assume he's not interested.

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