How can I make this into something more, without pushing it?

I've met this guy through tinder about a week ago, and we have talked everyday since! in whatsapp. He is like the perfect guy for me, he's 30, very open minded, has tattoos, etc. I'm 23, a single mother and I loove tattoos! He's always asking me what I'm doing, or what are my plans, and sends me pics of himself, his food or what he's doing. We are like very much alike! and I don't want to spoil this, like I have with others because I didn't take them seriously! What can I do? He's like so sweet and everything I look in a man, I wasn't looking for it, since I was in tinder just for fun. Please help! Thanks! (I'm new to the flirting scene, so this is new to me and I don't know how to make this into something more!)

He DOES know I have a child and don't mind


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  • pros - usually more experienced and have a better idea what there looking for. normally have established careers and jobs by that age and done school.

    cons- have dated other girls by that age so not going to be his first love interest , I don't know it all depends on what your looking for in terms of guys if he's a fit or not


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  • More maturity
    better understanding of how to make a relationship work
    Better understanding of the needs of women
    Financially stable

    Can be controlling
    Might want to be with you all the time
    Moves really fast because he is eager to get married
    Can have a big ego

  • patience.. and time.. and communication..

  • You realize Tinder is for hookups right? And, does he know you have a child?


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