Is meeting the parents always a big deal?

My bf and I have been together for a month only. We clicked right away and the chemistry was exceptional, so things moved pretty fast. Everything's all good still.

We were in the car on our way to a chalet and my bf said he had talked to his mom on the phone and that she invited him for diner on Friday and insisted he bring me. Apparently she asked like "When is she coming? Bring her with you. I want to see her".

I'm very pleased but I feel a bit pressured because a) My bf's 25 and a TOTAL momma's boy. He's an only child. b) He dated his ex for 6 years, so that was his only serious relationship. Single for 8 months after, and then we met. He's told her lots about me so I want to live up to expectations. I am also very self-conscious of being compared to his ex by his parents (they obviously will), even though my bf said his mom saw his breakup coming as she realized his ex wasn't right for him.
c) He's moved out of his parents' place 3 years ago, so he only visits once or twice a month.

I got his mom some classic belgian chocolate as a present when I go there. I'm very excited but scared a bit. I'm only 21 and my bf is very close to him mom, so her approval of me is critical.


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  • I met her mom and her granny before we started anything: we were just acquaintances when she asked me to be her companion on a trip and her mom wanted to see me first. I liked my mother in law till she died. She liked me too.
    We only started dating after the trip.

    My family was a bigger problem.


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  • Yes it's always a big deal. Generally speaking if it is something you are concerned about I think you'll be fine. It's the people that don't give a shit that make bad first impressions.


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  • it sounds like you're ready. just be yourself and try to act normal. she'll expect you to be nervous, so don't worry about that.

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