Why won't he stop ignoring me now?

I wasn't able to be in touch much last week and explained it to him, and now ever since he's playing text games with me, ignoring me... And it hurts so much.

It's like he sees a message come in from me and is just sitting on it. He IS a texter, and is glued to his phone.

It ruins my day, I never know when he's going to just drop me now.

He knows he's got me. I feel so weird ignoring him though, I feel that only prolongs things.

I feel so low. Just feel so tossed aside and worthless.


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  • Your only problem is letting his actions affect how you feel. Who cares? Stop texting him and move on. He'll come to regret his actions - if he doesn't, he never cared.

    • That is true, I really hate that he is doing this on purpose, I think if it weren't so obvious I'd have an easier time I suppose.

  • Why would you ever let another persons actions make you feel bad, you can play the same games


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