How do I start dating again?

I have one child and I'm not with her father. She's only 9 months and I want to start dating. I have never approached a man first and I want to know how should I approach men? What should I say to start a conversation with someone I like? When should I mention my daughter?


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  • In a general sense, most guys your age turn and run from girls with a kid or kids. However, this is not all bad because it weeds out the loosers who are afraid of commitment and only looking for sex.

    There are guys out there who will be fine with it, it's not something that would turn me away and there are others like that too. As far as where to find them, same places you find any guy.

    Would be best to mention it on the second date if you ask me, if you mention it on the first it could sound like you're not ever that relationship but if you wait till the third it could seem like you were trying to hide it. Second date if you ask me is the date where things go from testing the water to thinking about going exclusive (considering it makes it to a third date) so it's best to get any potential dealbreakers out by then.

    Hope that helps.


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  • The next date you should be a part of is your daughter's. You had her since you didn't find your own fulfilling, so its only appropriate that you continue to live vicariously through her. Keep your own mess ups to yourself and don't selfishly scre up your kid.

    • I want my daughter to have a father figure...whats so wrong about that? He father passed before she was born. I'm not being selfish.

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