Person messages you months later on online dating site?

What do you say if you write them and then months later all they say is hi?

If you write them and they get defensive and try responding in a way that they might actually like or want you to give them a chance?

And her profile says she likes older men granted I am older then her but I look young girls that usually have such and interest turn me away if I am interested.

I have other people I am messaging who reply right away without waiting months, do I give this one a second chance even if she initially gave me none.


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  • is there a way that you can tell when she was last online? if not she could've just not logged on and just now seen your message, though i would think thatd warrant more than just "hi" as a reply.

    i wouldn't not give her a chance.

  • Message her asking why it takes her so long after she replies...

    Reasonable answer like she dident have time to log on = give her another chance

    Non-reasonable answer like she cba to log on = bai b! tch


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