Is this a good way to ask out a girl on a lunch date?

Throwing something like, "So hey, I think you're beautiful and I was wondering if you want to have lunch a lunch date. You and me - what do you say?" into a conversation.

Or is that too intense and straight-forward?

This is high school by the way.

And sorry, but I don't have much experience asking girls out, so sorry if I suck.

The thing is I want to make it clear that this is a date.


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  • I wouldn't tell her that she's beautiful right there and then in such a straight forward way. I'd try and start a conversation with her. Keep it light and interesting, and when you're about to part ways, say something brief, but genuine, like "it was nice talking to you, would ypu be interested in having lunch with me sometime?"

    • Yeah, I think that's good. I have been dropping compliments every day to her. Saying things like, "That looks nice on you," or, "You look cute in that jacket." Compliments like that.

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    • Today at lunch, we coincidentally made eye-contact and I was smiling and she threw me a smile and a wave. Then after lunch, I asked her how she was and stuff and how her weekend was, and then after that I asked, "So, would you be interested in having lunch together sometime?" and she was like, "Uhh...maybe...sure..." and here is where I made a mistake. I didn't know how to react, so I said, "Alright then, I will see you tomorrow."

      Now I am thinking, tomorrow at lunch, should I ask her to sit with me at one of the high tables (we have high tables at our school for small groups of people (2 or 3)? Or should I just sit with her and her friends to? The problem with the former is that it may cause conflict and pressurize her to choose between me and her friends, and the problem with the latter is that she won't think of it as a date.

    • Yes, I can see your dilemma there. Is there a way of organising lunch for a weekend? (Outside of school)?

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  • Just ask her out but be subtle about it. Saying that she's beautiful is nice but comes off as way too strong. At least get to know her a little before going on a date. Get coffee or do something that you kiddos do these days. By you asking her out without knowing her much means that you are only attracted to her for her looks. For all you know, she could be a mean-hearted girl.

    • The thing is, I hardly see this girl. But she's in my lunch period. However, she sits with her friends. So I don't really have any other way of really getting to know her.

      We do know each other a little bit. I played a couple games of tennis with her at the tennis club and we have made small talk on a few occasions. But that's about it, because we hardly see each other.

      The thing is, I sort of want to give her a reason for why I am asking her out to a lunch date. And I mean, I plan to ask her out on a real date, like a walk in the park, if the lunch goes well.

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