Online dating profile response?

With online dating, what do you look for in an online dating profile that sparks you to respond? Do you respond directly by email or by a wink or another method?


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  • The best thing a guy can do is to actually give examples of things that show his personality, rather than give me a list of adjectives that don't really paint a picture. I want to know some of his interests, what he's looking for in a friend/potential girlfriend, etc. I hate when guys have maybe 3 sentences on their profile and expect you to write back. You get out of online dating what you put into it, and it starts by showing that you're serious by taking a little time to actually make your profile somewhat descriptive and interesting.

    • Also, a couple no-nos... don't put up a picture of yourself with an old girlfriend or a group of girls, even if they're just friends. That makes you look like a man-whore who isn't looking for anything serious. And the showing abs with the shirt off pictures are annoying too. Just show yourself at some event or doing some activity that you enjoy.

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  • When I did online dating OKcupid nonsense, I would look for humor as well as someone who knew they didn't NEED to be on the site, but was there just to see what was out there. I would message him bold like that.


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