So should I just lay one on him already?

We've been dating casually for a few months, and he has yet to say anything about how he feels about me, or "declare his intentions" so to speak. He gives me little kisses (just a peck) at the end of the date, but doesn't put his arm around me or anything. I'm getting frustrated and just want him to make a move already! I'm sure he at least likes me as a person to spend time with (in a slightly more than just friends kind of way), but I'm not sure how interested he really is. Should I just take the initiative and make a move myself? (or not?) And if so, should it just be a kiss (and what kind) or should I do something else? Guys, would it freak you out if it were you and you liked her, but just weren't sure how much? What would you want a woman to do?

And I've never made the first move with a new guy. If I should do it, any tips to make it easier? (I'm very nervous about the idea!)


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  • Just ask him how he feels..And tell him how you feel, he is probably not sure if you like him and don't want to make a move..If he knew how you feel then he would be more confident about making the move?...I tried to answer the best I know how ...So hope that helped you some?

    • Hmmm.... I act like I like him. (At least I think I do.) We flirt like crazy sometimes. Do you think he still may not know? (And you'd say talk about it instead of just kissing him?

    • Yea,jus see how he feels...and when your talking with him...just try to kiss him you will know when lol he will probably kiss you when he starts to tell you how he feels about you...=)

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  • I think you should kiss him =]

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