Met a girl on Tinder. What are the steps to a date?

I'm talking to a girl on Tinder who said she recently moved to the area. I think she's just trying to meet new people, but we seem to have some common traits. What exactly are the steps to setting a time to meetup? Do I get her real phone number and then talk on the phone and then set something up from there? Since I've never seen her in real life it's hard to decide if I'm really even attracted to her enough, but I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm totally fine with being friends with her and I'm sure she would be ok too since she is new to the area if things don't workout as far as dating goes. She said she's just trying this as something new. Is the best option to just try to meetup and take it from there? Nothing wrong with being friends right?


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  • I think you can go about it any way you want/normally would. But keep in mind that because you know her from tinder, you might not be the only guy she's seeing/she may not be looking for something serious.

    • It's ok to ask if she's looking for dates or just friends right?

    • It always seems like the girls on there are just looking to meet new people.

    • Yeah it's definitely okay to ask her that!

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  • Don't use sites like Tinder because they usually lead to trouble/problems. Fake accounts, not the people you expect, and more. It's just not worth it. Better to stay safe.