He called me to see if I was awake?

So I went to visit my family over the weekend. I have a lot of friends there and I have had somewhat of a fling (but nothing big) with this guy. Last time I was down, he asked me to a movie an hr away so I said no but we ended up driving country roads and talking for 3hrs. Well I told him I was down over this weekend. He must have been with friends because he stopped talking and didn't look at my snaps. I woke up to a missed phone call at 1:35am from him. I texted him back asking why he called. He said "Just wanted to see if you were up but I just assumed you would be sleeping anyways."

So what kind of a move is this? I'm not sure if he was drunk at all but what would he have said if I would have answered is killing me. Help!


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  • He likes you ;)

  • I know this is a short answer but it definitely sounds like he's interested in you


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