I'm hispanic, mexican mestizo to be exact and I seem to be attracted to white people. White women how would you feel about dating a mexican.?

Mestizo means that I'm have Indian ( Native American ) and half White (Spanish). Ever since I was little I've liked white people I don't know why. But would a white person ever go out, much less live the rest of their lives with a greasy mexican. Ps: even though I am mexican I am extremely sophisticated, so much that people don't even suspect I'm mexican until I mention it. I just love the white people, their skin is so pure, and their eyes are so clear. Please, someone answer my question.

Well, I only ask because the truth is I ever so desire to be white. The Causcaisan race is the most beautiful of races. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and genuinity. But I can't be because I wasn't born lucky, but my children can be.


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  • Sure, why not? My workout buddy is Hispanic and he's good looking. I don't really think race is that important if you like somebody.

    • Wow, um thanks that really boost up my confidence level. I just admire them so much I start to think they're too good for me. But I have to realize were all human.

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  • I've went out with a full blooded Mexican and then a half white/ half Mexican.

    • Lol, Mexican is a nationality not a race. Now within that nationality there are many types of races. White mexicans (Spanish), Black mexican, Chinese mexican, very few are full blood Native American and most are mestizo being half native half white.

    • Yes, you have gone out with one but would you ever start a family?

    • I didn't say Mexicans were a race. I said full blooded, because that's what the guy told me he was.
      I'm not interested in starting a family with anyone. Well I lived with my boyfriend for 4 years and it was kinda like a family with his nephew and sister around all the time.

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