The girl I'm dating said she's losing her feelings for me?

She said we can still be friends with benefits because it's fun but she said we hardly ever talk anymore and she might be liking someone else (this is just developing). The only reason I didn't text her all time is not to come up as too needy. This is the same girl that was crazy over me 2 months ago. Please, what do I do?


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  • sound's like you've already lost her... try to talk about it with her, say that you still have feelings and would like to try to make it work, ask her on a date and plan something exciting, fun and romantic. so you see her outside the bedroom too. who knows, maybe she'll find her feelings again... oh and try and tell something very personal memories/things about you, knowing them makes her feel like you are thrusting her enought to tell her those things and at least if someone does it to me I just fall a little bit more in love with them. and little things like texts showing that you care like goodnight beatiful etc. but if you've already lost it don't try to make it worse..


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  • damn..let her go so she can come back to you..or maybe the spark is gone for know after you find out the secret of the story in the book it becomes less interesting and you move on to the next one...just keep that in mind


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