Do girls date guys who act weird and are a bit off-beat?

It seems like most girls always want the bad guy and will settle for the nice guy. But, what about those guys who dont exactly fit into these categories.

And yea, i'm not exactly able to fit myself in either of these categories, because someone who is close to me and other people told me that i look like a good guy on the surface but i'm actually a bad guy underneath, once they get to know me.

Also they tell me that im a moody guy? Is that a super turn-off?

  • You: You're confusing me. I dont know what to say. Me: I understand
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  • You're crazily weird due. Get lost, i dont wanna talk to you. *Shuts Door*
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  • Depends on the girl. Most girls don't like predictable. Predictable is boring. But they do want some sense of stability. Mood is ENTIRELY a turn off. That is like calling you bitchy or whiny, but nicely.

    • I don't get it? Everybody is moody to a certain extent. No one is perfect. Don't tell me that you're never moody at all?

      And no, moody is not being bitchy or whiny. A person can be moody without being bitchy. For example, if a person is having a bad day, then he/she might just want to be alone and not talk to anyone because they feel sad. Now does this makes the person bitchy?

    • Yes, everyone is moody. But everyone doesn't get called it.

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