After first "date", what is the next step?

So, I met a guy online. We hit it off and texted for a few days. We met up the next weekend for dessert. It was very informal. We had good conversation and I enjoyed talking to him. He was funny, but it's too soon to tell how I feel since it takes me a lot longer than 1 date to tell.

We left, didn't hug or anything. It was just a 'good night, let me know if you want to do it again' thing. I wasn't really expecting to meet up again after that.

Then, he texted me about an hour later saying he had fun and that we should do it again. I agreed. We texted a couple times after that and I haven't heard back. That was Saturday.

Now, I'm kind of wondering what the next step is. Do I wait for him to text again and set up a second date? Do I text him and try to arrange it? I don't want to force something, but don't want to let something good slip away!

Any advice would be great! Thanks!


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  • Don't hesitate to be the one to send the next text, or even voice call to set up another time.

    • I guess I'm just weary since I was the last person to text when we talked last. Don't want to come off as too clingy/needy/some other unattractive trait.

    • well, you said that the way he left it, he said to let him know if you want to meet up again. Go ahead and let him know. I don't think that's clingy at all.

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  • There's no formula for this. Breaking ground usually gets you further.

  • just follow your heart and do the right thing. just be patient


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