GIRLS: I have a tendency to over-analyze... does this girl still have interest in me/am I making a big deal out of NOTHING wrong?

It's been going pretty well with this girl... it seems obvious that we both like each other (even met her mom). Anyways, the last time we were texting (Thursday) she started giving me "kiss faces" which was a good sign, I started to feel pretty comfortable. But I started thinking and realized that I am the one texting her first 95% of the time - she responds quickly and we have a good/fun/flirty conversation, but I'm always initiating. So, from Friday until today (Monday) I did not initiate a text and neither did she, until today when she texted me to wish her luck on a presentation. She came to class and watched the presentation, and after class I only got like, 30 seconds to talk to her before her and her friend left. It felt like they wanted to go before I hang out with them (but that might just be me).

For some reason, that made me feel really bad... I tend to do this too much, but for some reason started over-thinking and wondering if she still likes me... I also wonder if she's wondering if I still like her because I didn't text?


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  • She's probably used to you texting first. I've started a bad habit of expecting a text from my crush first. But because he told me off once (in a jokey way) for not texting him one night, I started to text first.
    I've realised it works both ways. Girls just like being chased.
    Maybe joke around and say "you've not texted me in a while stranger" and see if she changes after that..


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  • i hate texting guys first.. its a weird thing that girls do! your fine don't over think it


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