How to avoid awkward silences?

I've been seeing this guy and lately there have been a lot of silences. I'm usually okay with silence, but I feel like we should be talking more.

I know he wants to see me again because he talks about making plans, but there's something about him that makes me really nervous and shy! I never know what to say.

What are some good conversation topics? He's older than I am (8 years) and has a lot more stories and experiences.. I feel like I'm boring him with my stories and I don't know what else to talk about.


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  • What do you like to do?
    Do you play games/Sports?
    Play any instruments?
    What's your favorite type of movie?
    Can you sing?
    Are you afraid to talk to anyone?
    If we're stranded on a island (insert scenario with choices do what they can choose and justify it)

    It really sucks to try and talk about yourself all the time (I've been there) but the thing that comes to mind is that you have to be like who you are with any friends and break the ice at any given cost (verbally)


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  • He wouldn't be talking to you if he was bored.

    Make plans. Go out and do shit. When you're doing an activity conversation usually just happens.

  • well ask about the stories. ask him about his past.


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  • sometimes it is weird but just ask a lot of questions about him, get him talking about how interesting HE is, if you find the right topic the conversation will be natural. he's not bored, otherwise he wouldn't be planning more dates... just relax a little :)