Anyone want to give a text analysis on this?

Ok, had a one night stand with a goes two nights ago. I like her a lot. We exchanged numbers in the morning. Texted her today.

(me) 1:00pm: Hey, how are you doing?

(her) (6:07pm): I'm doing well. How are you?

(me) (7:36pm) I'm doing very good. And yes you are right about the 7-11's being Quickies. I made a foolish bet. Do you prefer cash or cheque?

(Her) (8:28pm) I forget how much our bet was for... Please refresh my memory :)

me (8:40pm) One thousand dollars :( It's ok. I'll just sell my car and walk three hours to work everyday. A bet is a bet.

me (9:31pm) just to clarify, i won't be paying the cash :)

her (9:33pm) I was so excited for a second... I guess I would settle for a slurpee from the quickie, I am from Winnipeg - the slurpee capital of the world!

me (9:33pm) are you serious? Is it the slurpee capital of the world?

her (9:34pm) Google it!

me (9:38pm) Did you know ottawa is the shawarma capital of the world. Even more than the middle east?

You're right. Another reason to like Winnipeg.

me again (9:54pm) I would like to take you to dinner in the near future.

So, she started off not responding quickly, and it seemed like I had her attention. The whole time I just wanted to ask her out. I was hoping that we would get into some banter, and I would even call her to ask her out.

Do you think this went bad?
From my perspective it could have, but I was just trying to get some back and forth joking around going. When it stopped, I just want to get the date idea out there, rather than keep sending texts.


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  • The conversation sounds just fine. Friendly/flirtatious banter. Did she respond with a yes for a date?

    • No response... Things went well on Sat night, Sun morning... but still, either she's playing hard to get, or she hasn't figured out how to tell me she's not interested. Or maybe she's just busy

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    • I dont see how calling her to ask her out specifically would be overbearing. Its not like your calling or texting excessively. Bur I hear you about wanting to keep things pressure free.

    • Thanks, good luck.

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  • I don't think it's ok to ask someone out on a date via text. Next time, call her. It actually sounds to me like she can't go out on a date... like she has a boyfriend?

    • What? She has a boyfriend, but she took me home to her house, slept with me, ate breakfast with me and gave me her number? Sounds possible, but really weird. I wanted to call, but I was waiting for enough banter to go back and forth, which it never did

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    • Hey, thanks for the advice. I heard back from her. She wrote back some flirty stuff, and it sounds like she wants to go out. I think the answer is she's a bad texter. She was making flirty references to things we talked about. Just took her over an hour to respond.

    • Allright! Hi five!

  • Never send more then one text without a response! A girl likes a challenge once you have her thats fine to do, but when your still trying to get her, you have to make her try to get you as well. You dont wanna sound needy ;)

    • I guess so. It was just weird that when I sent out a second text she responded immediately. A co-worker was suggesting that girls like playing these texting games where they intentionally wait a long time to respond. Is this common in female culture?

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    • Hmmm, well after those texts, she wrote back two texts in a row... so hopefully that means we're on the same page

    • I think so but keep her on her toes! Don't be an instant responder, she will get bored. But don't take an hour to reply, she will get pissed. A few minutes is always a solid.

  • First of all, don't send multiple texts in a row, definitely not hours apart. That's desperate.

    Second, you're just going to have to wait and see what she says.

    It seems like she's flirting, so that's good. However she might just be trying to be nice and doesn't want to go out with you. So wait.

    • I guess it's desperate to send them hours apart, but the moment I sent the second one, she wrote back right away...

    • yeah...sometimes when guys do that to me, I text back right away too, but I'm thinking "oh gosh, he's not giving up, I guess I better text back".

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