Great first date, planned a second date, then never answered back?

Extremely long story short... I knew this guy for years, we had a couple of "dates" in the past. Well, years (6) down the road, I had just broken up with my bf, and ran across this guys number in an old contact list. I text him out of curiosity, and he ended up asking me out on a date. We had a great first date, he was the perfect gentleman, as always. I was a little disappointed to not get a kiss at the end of the night. I wasn't worried though, we had already planned a second date. When he dropped me off at my house, we text all night about seeing each other again, and how good of a date it was. We had planned our second date, I was going to go to his place and cook, and make brownies, and he was going to teach me to paddle board. Well, the day of our date arrived, we had been texting all that morning about it, and the night previous. I went out, bought the stuff to make dinner, got all ready and everything. I text him, " hey, are we still on for tonight?" He didn't reply, so I waited for an hour, then I called. I left a voicemail saying that "if the date was cancelled, that's fine, just please let me know." I still hadn't heard anything back. Well, at that point I was pretty upset, and I banked on staying in alone that night. The next day I woke up, and had no missed calls or text from him. I text him " Hi, just wandering what happened last night, text me when you get a chance." I never heard from him again. I deleted his number, its been 2 years now, and I still can't fathom what happened? Hoping some advice other than "he's just not that into you" will come about. Funny thing is, I ran across that "contact list" his number is still there. Can someone ease my mind please? I really thought he was the one. Thanks :)


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  • let him go girly the reason why is the guys that leave are just bad guys in general there doing you a favor you also find better to then if they really care over time they will realize it or come back to you thats where us girls half to be smart and let go your a strong bright women who won't have a problem getting guys you have gotten tons of guys before and you seem adventurous by the dates you guys planned together so im sure you won't have a problem finding a guy girly stay confident believe in yourself head held high have fun enjoy life spend time with your friends try something new like take cooking classes or hit the gym haha where tons of hot guys are at hahah see no problem getting over that guy who did you wrong don't worry sweetie that guy was not a man at all or a mature one to dip out of something you planned with someone and not tell them is childish so your smart and ik tons of guys will love how adventurous you are stay strong happiness is coming your way soon :)

    • Thank you for your response, and encouraging words!