Was he being rude? Or were they judging!?

Okay me and my friend went for a coffee at some restaurant near to where I live, my friend is deaf and has Cerebral palsy but when we walked through the door to the restaurant the male waiters stared over at us watching us walk in and sit down, so we picked the nearest chair to us, as we didn't like them staring, so the male waiter came to take our order and then went back to the desk where they served but kept looking over at us listening to us talk about stuff, plus he kept walking past, but then I'd see him stare at us again, after our drinks we thought it would be best to go, so we got up and pushed the chairs in and before I knew it the waiter ran to the door and the other male waiter who served us was just standing there staring at us walking out the door while the other guy was holding it he was like there you have a good day bye, I found it odd as they never even helped people with buggies through or out of the door, why where they being so strange?


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  • I don't think they were doing either. I think they were just doing their job. I think it was actually you who felt insecure about your friend, therefore projecting your insecurities into their behavior towards you, instead of dealing with the insecurities within you. But maybe I am just being rude now.

    • We do tend to notice the things to which we are cognitively attuned in a given moment. Example: when you are in a hurry all the other cars seem to be going abnormally slow, when you aren't in a hurry cars going the same speed seem normal.

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    • You fear the judgments of others, you are not judging him.

    • Lol, look at this new question and see her perspective and then look at yours. Keep in mind what I and Southerman said about human psychology.

      Did he like me too? Or was he just being nosey? What should I do?
      Okay well me and my friend who is male went for a coffee! & I realised that the male waiter there kept looking at me and he came over to take our order and once he had done that he kept walking past and looking or just standing there looking over. As it was time to leave I saw the guy standing there watching us walk out! Was he interested as he was deffo my type but I'm not that foward just incase I got it wrong? What do think? Plus should I have asked if he had a girlfriend or even asked for his number? Or should I go in there next time and see if he acts the same way?

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  • It is possible that they were simply on alert because they were concerned that they would not be able to deliver adequate service to your friend and that they really wanted to make sure they took care of everything that you guys needed. Perhaps that is being too optimistic but you never know.


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