He stoped talking to me I don't know why?

So i started going on dates with this boy called danny and i invited him to this party. We both danced and had fun but my exbf showed up and asked me out to dance and i couldnt be mean and say no so i danced with him but half of the song because i didn't want danny to think something else. After the party was over danny stopped talking to me didn't know why. A week later i see a picture of him on Instagram that he went to this restaurant to celebrate his bday with this girl and put heart shapes. So i though he stopped talking to me because he found another girl. I felt horrible a week later my cousin tells me he said to his friends that he stopped talking to me because i was using him to get my exbf back at the party. I felt upset and mad that he was saying that to his friends because i would never do that. That same day there was a party and he completely ignored me at least before the party he used to say hi now he just ignores me. I dont know what to do? Why he's acting immature? It feels awkward because im always going to see him because of our friends. He made him self look like a victim when i should be the one being mad.


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  • It sounds like he got the idea that you were simply dating him to try and make your ex jealous. Things like that do happen to guys so he is probably just trying to be on the defensive to keep himself from getting hurt. How much did you like him?

    • I really liked him a lot it hurts to see him ignoring me and its awkward because we have friends in common. I wanted to confront him but i dont want it to seem like im beging when he doesn't want to talk to me.

    • It sounds like this is something that you need to discuss with him whether you want to continue dating him or not. Perhaps you should just tell him that you were interested in him and that you were not using him to make your ex jealous but make it sound like you no longer want to date him. That will let you avoid seeming desperate.

  • I'm very sure that when Danny boy sees your exbf coming back to you, he is insecure, a bit needy and doesn't know what to do. I would say a real man is someone who stands for himself, even though Danny assume you are going to flirt and have fun with this guy, he's not going to mad because ''hey's i'm a GIFT, you are the one who deserves me. I'm going to stand on my ground and see what happens! You should come to me not I plainly chasing you from behind.''


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