Whats the best way to confirm a date?

Im supposed to meet with a girl today who tends to "flake" a lot. Thinking about texting her this:

Me: Hey listen, I really wanted to see you today, but something came up and I can't make it. I'm sorry"

Her: (Whatever she says even if its dont worry I made plans for today)

Me: "Sike! I'm teasing. Hope you weren't too heart broken. See you soon dork"

Your opinions?


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  • No. Just no.
    She is being flaky, which either translates to irresponsible, or insecure enough to play games.

    You pretending to flake will make you seem insecure too, which will then be followed by a lame joke. Worst of all, you'll be inadvertently approving her behavior.
    If you let this girl toss you around like a rag, you'll never get her. She won't even see you like a man.

    If you want to be with her, let her know you stand by what you say and that her behavior was awful. Don't put yourself down by making a joke out of her bitchy treatment of you. And don't just pretend it never happened.

    If you act insecure, you'll end up friendzoned in a flash. It's better to risk pissing her off and wait for an apology, risking to never see her again, than keep playing her game.

    Meet her, politely let her know what she did was horrible and that this is an exception you made for her. You won't let this kind of treatment slide anymore.


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  • I wouldn't text that. Just double check to see if you guys are still on. If she doesn't reply back or show up, don't ask her ever again. But, I wouldn't text that...


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  • Better yet you ha im going so and so and your welcome too come if you want her okay