Girls would never initiate the first date, right?

am I right to assume girls would never be the one to ask for the first date?

coz there's this girl from my old job, and unless she is dragging me along for an ego trip, I think she is interested.

And we have said in our text conversation for more than a few times that we will get a drink together some time, she is a very sociable girl and not shy at all, in fact she's usually the one to say "let's get a drink sometime later", but I have been avoiding to be too aggressive in arranging the date coz I know looking desperate would drive away a girl, so I act as if I couldn't care less about the date.

so, I don't know.

should I keep playing this game until the time is right, until she couldn't help herself and ask me for the date or should I go for it and ask her out?


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  • She more or less has suggested she wants a date, if you want to date her too then don't go playing games and messing her around because she WILL lose interest and find someone who will take her out on a date without her having to ask.

    • great answer

    • thanks for the great answer.

      In fact, I could use that attitude for everything that I wish I would do but didn't.

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  • In today's world anything goes. I think women are more into asking men out on dates. If she wants to take that direction with you she will ask. If you like her just stop playing games and ask her out whats the worst she can say no, well at least you know where she stands then

  • I have ! I asked a guy to go to a hockey game with me

  • I've always initiated my first dates, actually.
    And I know I'm not the only woman in the world that asks men out now, haha! We're everywhere!


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  • Yeah you don't want to play a game to that level and try to seem "uninterested" otherwise you'll never go on a date.
    The "don't seem over eager" part comes in after you go on your first few dates. But at as long as you don't text her all the time and as long as you don't try to set up going on a date every day I don't think you'll come off as over eager