Why is that MOST (not all) young attractive women that have boyfriends have boyfriends that are cocky, stuck up, or a player, etc?

Have you noticed how MOST young attractive women that have boyfriends have boyfriends that are not good guys?

Some of you took my question wrong. I know just because someone is confident it doesn't make them a jerk.I am asking this cause you always hear about most young attractive women get the wrong guys.Hey Emerald I just asked this out of boredom.


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  • Yes, and thats because they are attracted to that bad boy image, thinking they can change them and make them better people well that does not happen. People only change if they want to.

    • True and you understood my question lol.

    • Great comment. You understand how guys work. Guys will NEVER change for a girl or anyone else and it has nothing to do with how much (or little) a guy loves a girl. Its too bad so many women think they can change a guy. They almost always end up disappointed and heartbroken.

    • I agree 100 percent. I have been there and learned from my mistakes. I dont are how much you love someone if you dont want to change you won't. You have to wait it and be motivated towards it.

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  • Do you honestly have legitimate life experience of those men to accurately make that claim? Have you been exposed to enough of their personality and their psyche at work to truly say they're "cocky, stuck up, or a player, etc?" Or are you just placing, possibly even misplacing, judgment onto them because you want what they have? I don't think it's fair for you to dictate what it is that makes someone a good guy nor is it fair for you to attach a negative image to someone you most likely do not even know. Everyone has bad in them.

  • I've been called attractive on occasion and I'm mostly attracted to insecure guys and/or nerds. I also know one really pretty girl who has a real Prince Charming kinda boyfriend ^^ He's so sweet, every girl she knows is jealous of her. He's so into her, you could never even suspect that he could ever fall for any other girl.

  • Almost everyone is dating the wrong person or making mistakes when they're young. Even nice people make errors in judgement or struggle with insecurity, jealousy, emotional baggage... I know plenty of good people who have been bad partners at one time or another.

    You're just tuned in to the experience of the hot girls because you desire them.

    • I never said that.I am just asking a random question because I was bored and because of observations.I don't even go after hot chicks.It is a waste of time.

    • My answer is that most young women have shitty boyfriends, but most young men have shitty girlfriends. We learn as we go.

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  • What you are calling cocky, stuck up, and players can also be described as handsome, successful, and confident. It's all in your perception.

  • Confidence. Nobody likes a jerk, but someone without confidence might be worse.