If I am inexperienced or slow to understand things, will it be frustrating or a bit annoying?

I often get told that I am innocent or cute and my brother says that I am dense. I am also slow to understand people, feelings and other things so I was wondering if it would be annoying if I ask my boyfriend to spell everything out for me?

Like one night we were chatting on the phone and it sounded like he liked another girl and it seemed like he asked her out. So I was feeling really down and was getting a weird feeling in my chest but kept quiet all night. Then the next day after thinking about it I realised that I was jealous so I told him about it and he asked why I didn't tell him earlier. So I replied that I didn't know what it was and I only just realised it.

Also I keep asking him for what he means of if there is a meaning behind it and he just gets quiet, decided to explain it for me or answers in a way that seems like I have to figure it out myself.

Please tell me if this happens often or if someone like me might be frustrating or annoying to be with.


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  • Innocent is good take your time a figure things out at your own speed. Don't be afraid to ask your boyfriend if you don't understand what he means by something, just don't be overly insecure and badger him that is not good for a relationship for you or him


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  • Everyone learns at there own pase.