Why did he stop talking to me or texting?

I have been talking to this old friend and fling for more than a month after a year of no contact. Our tlks have been casual, than personal, than going towards sexual, and about what we r looking for in a future long time partner, also about our lives in general and catching up on the time we haven't been talking to each other! It was all great and we were becoming closer again, we even kissed and cuddled a few times. But last week he starts giving me the cold shoulder! His text are very brief and uninterested in whatever I had to say! Than he just doesn't answer back my text when I say "hi...how have you been"

we had history in the past together and I ended up falling in love with him and he wasn't in love so we ended up being flings and than broke things off and never spoke again till now which is a year or so!

Why do you think he would suddenly stop texting and disappear?
Do you think he doesn't want to speak with me again? And just move on with life?
Let me know ur opinions!

  • Yes, he wants to stop talking, that's his way of saying it
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  • No, maybe he is just busy
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  • I think he has another girl in the picture.

    • I had that idea in my head too! Wouldn't be the first time!

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    • You are right on that! That's exactly what I'm planning to do.

    • Good to hear!πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘