What is exactly to be flirty, and what am I missing to get a date?

I am 28 and I haven't had a girlfriend in almost 10 years, and with the last one we lasted 5 years, but we never did it. So you may say I'm insecure.

However on the outside I'm very outgoing, I speak with everyone and have no problem having long conversations.

However no girl has fall on the hook since I was single, so my guess is that I just don't know how to flirt properly, can someone explain me what is it, so when I ask for a date girls would actually say yes?


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  • Women only like guys who are a symbol of masculinity.

    Girls need a dramatic man to shake them out of apathy, as a guy you are flesh and blood, you can be ignored or you can be destroyed, but as a symbol...as a symbol you can be incorruptible and everlasting.


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  • be confident in knowing that you ARE outgoing. I wouldn't call you insecure, I would say you are WISE. Just stay positive, you'll meet a girl that will love you for you. So you weren't sexually active with your last Girlfriend of 5 years. That tells me that you really were focused on the relationship and your girl, more than just the physical side of things.Either that or the connection with that girl was fading and y'all knew y'all were going to call quits on the relationship. Don't call yourself insecure! have confidence in yourself, as I posted in another question, Confidence is super attractive to women. Not to be confused with arrogance though. Hope this helps!

    • describe confidence, 'cause i do ask girls out i also never shamed to tell someone i like her

    • confidence is knowing what you want in life. being able to handle any situation. thats great that you are able to approach women easily and tell them how you feel.

    • i want a steady sex life, and pay my bills, plus travel

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  • You're way behind. Google Chateau Heartiste as a starting point. Game sections.