What is that "tinder" thing and does it work for whatever it is for?

What is "tinder" and does it work for whatever it is for


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  • It's legit. Most people think it's just a hookup app, but I found that the majority of the girls want more than just sex. The exception to that statement is if you use it after 11 on a Friday or Saturday night, then many more are just trying to get laid. I went on more first dates this January (15-20) after using the app than I did all last year. Currently dating a girl I met from it and we deleted our accounts.

    • Does it actually have attractive people

    • I was completely shocked by the quality of the girls. I do live in a college town though and when I travel for work, it is generally to Cincinnati, Dallas and NYC. So, I'm not sure how well it works if you're not in a big city or college town. But several of the non-students that I met were doctors or lawyers that do not really have the time to get out and meet people outside of work.

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  • I am under the impression that most girls use it as if they were online shopping for a boyfriend: they see a few photos, common interests, and decide if they want to "try" them in real life or not. A lot of my friends use this app, and it's not often just to hook up. It's mostly because they want to find "love" without spending every other night in bars trying to get attention. It's simple and, surprisingly, quite effective. I have personally never been comfortable with it, as it does not work with the way I see relationships, but I admit I did install the app a few months back and had a lot of fun disliking and liking guys without ever planning to meet them. I also matched with one of my university professors by total accident, so this was possibly the most awkward day of my life, but otherwise, it's pretty fun.


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