Why can't men be straightforward? That is all I ask!

So, I met this guy online. We talked online for about a month. Finally met each other. Everything went well. We have been seeing each other 1 to 2 times a week about a total of 6 times and yes we are sexual together. He has his son every other weekend & I am a single mother which my babies father is deceased (so I don't have much personal time). So, it is hard for us to see each other. He is always lending me stuff like movies, books & stuff for my child. He wants to make plans for us to go away for the weekend. So, my question is, is he into me? I ask cause I sent him an email & it mentioned something about that we are dating. He wrote back dating? I thought we were married and Mormon? I am guessing he is just trying to be funny. I am very new to this dating thing. Should I just let it go about what we are or should I just say how I feel. I am definitely catching feelings for him. I personally don't think he gives me enough attention. That is partially my fault I put on a hard exterior & told him I am very busy during the week & I can't stand talking on the phone. Any advice please?


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  • He likes you. He wouldn't be making an effort if he had no interest in you. You said you two have been sexual together, and he's still inviting you away for the weekend, giving stuff to you for your kid, etc. That shows he's not only after sex. What kind of relationship he's looking for? I'm not sure. But because he's willing to go on weekend getaway with you, I'm assuming he's looking to become serious. I wouldn't push it if I was you. Just let things be.

    • I did say something to him but with good tactics lol. He said he appreciates me knowing what I want & is happy to know were we stand. Thanks for your advice.

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    • I didn't just come out and ask him. Over email I had mentioned something about us dating. He said dating? & wanted my definition of dating. So, I gave it to him, he agreed & we decided not to see other people, but to take things slow. My guy knows how upfront I am & respects the fact that I know what I want & won't settle for anything less. Luckily I didn't scare him off. How long have you guys been dating?

    • I ended up asking my guy about the status of our relationship a few days ago. We'd been dating for a month. We did the same as you guys. We decided to take things slow but we're not seeing other people.

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