perfect date match on datesite, what to say?

Okay so i made an account on Okcupid a few days ago and
and found this perfect match for me (96%match, 7% enemy)
and she seems lovely and all but im quite shy and afraid ill say something stupid/silly and scare her off..! =/

First time im attempting dating online,
so any advice/help would be most welcome.


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  • Introduce yourself and talk about a few things you have in common. Be sincere, don't be creepy, and be yourself. Also, there's a bagillion people on OK Cupid so don't be afraid to cast a wide net.

    • Thanks for the tips, much approciated!

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  • Doeas not matter what you say only how you look like. If you are not a handsome guy you can forget it and focus on aproaching women in real life.
    here is some data taken from an experminent conducted on the site okcupid. Number indicates an amount of unsolicited messages recieved by a fake account created for the purpose of this experiment

    • If masterignacio is sincere, he's full of it. Put together a list of a few questions about common interests. Ask one and then just sit back. We all love to talk about things we know. Once she starts carrying the conversation, you'll be much more at ease.

    • @masterignacio thanks for the hopefuly she's not that picky since i havnt message'ed her yet.(!) both of us are introverts/shy & neither of us look like barbie/kent or ugly, just average/slight above it.

      @AustinMan Thank you for your honesty,
      will try that tip of yours, hope it works *fingers crossed*

  • I found a someone with a 98% match and 11% enemy just 18 miles away sent her a nice detailed message.

    She read it but did not respond even to tell me No. Women are kind like that.

    • ouch, that sucks =/
      hope it will go better next time,
      good luck!

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