Dating etiquette & What things do you notice on your first date?

For everyone. What are the new rules for dating? Who pays? Etc. What do you notice about your date or what are you looking for on that first date?

I always get self conscious when I am eating in front of someone I don't really know. I want to know what you worry about on a date and I want to know what you notice when you are on a first date. So everyone should answer!


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  • First rule: don't get too deep. Keep it casual, as in where he's from, what he does, what goals he has. Don't bring up politics, religion, or ex's. Big NO topics. You're trying to get to know each other on a basic level, not get a life story. It's like a relationship interview, really.

    Second, remember what mommy taught you. Be polite, no talking with food in your mouth, don't play with your food, etc. Basic behavior rules apply. You want him to feel a spark, and be attracted to you-getting to know how you can occasionally act like one of the guys can come later.

    Don't answer your cell phone.

    As for paying, well, typically he stills pays, at least on the first date. My experience has always been that the norm sticks until you've been together later, then you both start taking those duties. But my personal rule is to always offer to go dutch. Let him know you aren't out for his money, and that you can support yourself, but you won't stand mooches. If he says he'll pay, don't fight it. Let him pay, and if you want a second date, you can have that as your excuse. "Well, since you paid for tonight, I'll have to treat you to lunch sometime next week." It's a great way to get that second date if you want and show that you aren't afraid to pull your own weight.

    Finally, enjoy yourself. Be confident, have fun, and don't act. Be who you are, just a polite version. Let him connect with the person you are, not the person you are trying to be.

    And yes, having a friend ready to speed-dial you with an emergency excuse if the date is bad and you have to escape is still ok.

  • there aren't no "rules"...its just common sense:

    - If who's paying isn't discuss be prepared to go dutch...or be prepared to have enough to pay for both in case he ditches you (rare case)

    - try not to burp or fart...dont talk with your mouth open.

    - Be polite have manners and keep your mouth clean when eating.

    - Try not to shovel food in your mouth.

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