Does this mean he likes me or what?

there's this guy that I've been interestrd in in a while and i always catch him staring and my and he smiles once in a while or just looks at me until we make eye contact and holds the stare. finally, the other day i went to hug a mutual friend and he asked for a hug and now i see him every where and he comes to hug me. Could this be a sign that he's into me and wants something more? Or is he just friendly...


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  • In some social circles hugging is just a thing a clique of friends do with one another. Thus, I agree with alliecheergirl that you must take the initiative and at least engage him in conversation adequate that you can measure his degree of interest in you beyond the huggy-pal thing. He may be a piece of human jetsam yearning for human contact, in which case he is all yours for the taking, should you want that (ruling out he has no deeper psychological issues).

    • Does the fact that we've never really spoken to each other change anything? If not then thank you.

    • Yes. He has made visual and physical contact with you. If you wish, you should approach him with casual conversation. You need not be too intellectual here; anything you say would thrill him if he is interested--as the female voice is a subliminal sexual stimulant. He may be too shy to speak other than the nonverbal ways he already has spoken to you. You have always to be prepared for rejection, but your instincts will usually be correct. It's the old feminine sixth sense, and it's bio-logical. As the saying goes, if you can conquer yourself (shyness, etc) you can conquer the world.

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