Girls: what should I do - ask this girl out again and make it more clear, or just text her and clear it up?

There is a girl... things were going well, pretty obvious we liked each other... I asked her out for coffee one day and she said yes... BUT I don't know if she knows it was a "date", because some of my behaviour made it seem more casual than I intended... after that she started sending me "kissy faces" on text. So basically, now, I'm torn between asking her out AGAIN and making it more clear, or texting her and saying something like "so you know when I asked you to get a coffee... that was me asking you out" or something like that.

What should I do?


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  • you could, but she probably already knew. if you absolutely feel like you need to, or that you think it'll help, go ahead


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  • No leave it, she agreed to go even if she wondered it was a date End of Story


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