Girls: do you think this is a good/cute way of telling a girl that you like her? As we sit next to each other in class, I want to text her this?

There's a girl, things are going well, seems obvious that we like each other but of course there's always that "does she/he like me" doubt until one person comes out and says it... I asked her out on a coffee date and she was eager, started sending me "kiss faces" after that.

Anyways, I was thinking that as we are sitting in class next to each other Friday (last day of class together), I would text this:

Me: "Hey, you know what's funny?"
Her: "What?"
Me: "Well on the last day of classes last semester, I thought you were beautiful and I tried to get your number and failed... now here I am, four months down the road and I've gotten the chance to get to know you so much better and I still think that...
Her: "not sure what her response will be, likely positive"
Me: "I like you Julie..."

... then just plant one on her, either cheek or lips.


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  • I'd rather he did that while we were on a date. I find that opening up over text is awkward and impersonal. If I were on a date with a guy and we were, say, just getting coffee, it would be 10x better for him to just look at me and say, "I really like you". Simple and effective.


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  • No offense, gay! I know girls, if you really do like her. You gotta do it the old fashioned way. Write this:

    Roses are red violets are blue
    Im not a poet,
    But i had to tell you
    That i like you

  • Why don't you say it to her face? Texting is just about the most impersonal way to talk to someone. And it would look cowardly to me.

  • No I think you should tell her in person how you feel


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