Is my reaction justified to being ignored?

I've been married and my ex husband was so emotionally abusive and neglecting. (That was not even why I filed for divorce)

I'm feeling emotions right now that I've felt with him, and I don't know if I'm being too sensitive or not.

I've been talking to this guy who lives rather far away, and he plays text games with me. He is actually the type of guy to text and is always on his phone. I just notice patterns and notice things.

It totally crushes me when he ignores me. Not when he's too busy, but when I know he is ignoring me. It makes me feel so depressed and I cry. He had told me he has feelings for me. I feel like I'm not sure how MEN are with women. I feel like I'm talking to another "boy".

I've got such little experience with guys and just don't know if this is the norm. I read stuff online about text games guys and girls play.. He has actually told me he is not good with women. I wonder if he thinks this is how he should treat a woman.

Even with FaceTime and stuff he can be a little game playing. He always conveniently "falls asleep," or "falls asleep" mid text. I'd asked him if he could FaceTime right in the middle of a convo and he ignored me until the middle of th next day and said sorry fell asleep. He was texting me so rapidly up to that point. And I know he was home. And he he was alone. He used to be even worse with the phony falling asleep thing.

I just hate this feeling I have right now, that I am letting someone affect me this way. I feel so low.

Another example is mimicking me, like I was stressed out one weekend and wasn't really answering my phone and I explained if to him, then he started ignoring me for days. He basically matches my texting momentum


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  • Look there's two things you can do. One get super attached to everything whether it be a spouse or a pet or something of material. Becoming attached leads to falling in love and love is a great feeling in fact second best to happiness. But remember when becoming attached there is going to be a detachment and when that happens your going to be in the worst mood, because you were so attached, separating the attachment is really painful. So that's one option get really attached to things people pets etc and get the pro of falling in love or becoming happy, but its a package that unfortunately comes with negative things a swell. Option 2 don't get attached to anything and live a life of no color, and in return you will never get hurt because you will never get attached to things. This is life and you best make a decision either you fall in love knowing you can get hurt, or never fall in love and never get hurt. This all depends on whether you think love is a more superior feeling than a loss, or if you think loss is a greater feeling than love. Just know that unfortunately, you can't have both simply because these options come in a package so to speak, its either all or nothing you can divide. I hope I helped, please comment below for feedback. And because I wanna know what you though. If you dont wanna respond thats fine just make me your Most Helpful and we will call it even lol.

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    • Yes but not because you asked, this was quite helpful especially given your age. Thank you again

    • My parents say I have wisdom beyond my years. :)

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  • You're taking way too much from texting habits. Relationships with people should not be built this way. If he wants to play games, well that's his deal. Don't let some petty texting habits affect how happy you are.

    My advice: you need to summon the strength to care less about how and when this dude texts you. Assure yourself that you are who you are, and you don't need someone's attention to justify your being.

  • Well... I would say you were overreacting but that text thing sounds legit. Rapid texting then he ignores your question about Facetime? Did he continue texting after you asked the question? That's the only reason I wouldn't believe him.

    Truth be told you haven't offered many examples. It's my experience that women over-exaggerate.

  • He seems like inexperinced and immature to me...


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  • Well obviously you really like this guy and have a lot of feelings for him. He can tell that you do. Basically, he's got you on the hook and he doesn't have to try.

    So you're long distance. I think this is a bad idea. Take it from someone's who's tried long distance multiple times. I've been in your same shoes. You're just going to keep getting frustrated. it's bad enough that you've already cried about it.
    Remember that men aren't as vigilant as women are about communicating. When he said he has feelings for you, he probably meant it, but he doesn't see what the big deal is if he doesn't reply immediately.

    And it's really not that big of a deal. And I know it seems like it is because you like him a lot.

    If I were you, I'd try to find someone I can see everyday instead of something long distance. LDRs almost never work out.

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