Every time me and my best guy friend hang out he wants to hook up with me. Does he like me or not?

He always knows when I'm lying to him. He has liked me in the past. Every time I talk to one of my friends about him the say that he looks at me like he is in love with me. But I have asked him and he said that we are just really good friends. I really want to know what he really thinks of me. But he will not tell me. And every time I spend a lot of time with a good friend he ends up like them. What is that about?


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  • Well it does sound like he likes you, I've been in the same situation. I ended up asking all his lcose friends if he ever talked to them about me and he ended up telling them we dated for five monthes and we had sex several times, but when I confronted him about it he said he didn't know what I was talking about. So maybe hee does like you a lot or a little but it jsut seems like he's not ready to tell you , or that he does like you and that his friends and/or him can't see you guys as a couple just yet.

    • Yeah but every time I ask him he said that we are just really good friends. And I have asked his friends and he always likes my best girl friend.

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