How do i ask him out? Should i?

there's this guy i like and i want to ask him out. But i dont really know how. Everytime i see him and we talk i get so nervous and i dont ask him and then when i leave i feel like i should have asked him. Im pretty shy around guys and my friends say i should "be more aggressive" so maybe i should. And if he rejects me i can always avoid him right? Im just having trouble with the how.


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  • dont avoid him just cause he rejects you. if you do, it tells him you were never even friends with him in the first place. who wants that?

    if he hasn't asked you out by now it's one of two things, he's just too shy like yourself, or he just isn't interested and just wants to remain friends

    if youd like to take a shot at it, just be like hey, we should go to lunch sometime. or whatever it is that you want to do with him. that's all it really needs to be. nothing more, nothing less. be brave!

  • How do you know this guy? Has he shown signs of having interest in you?


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