She didn't seem like she had a great time, can I still ask for second date?

I went out with this girl from my uni, she is very gorgeous and just a great person so I might have been a little nervous.

I thought dinner and mini golf would make for a good time to talk and get to know each other, looking back probably a bad childish idea, but she seemed like having a very bad time and I had to carry the whole conversation and I didn't even get a hug after I drove her home.

Do you think I can still ask her out again because I reaaaally like her and what could we do on a second date?

by the way I was not trying to be cheap but I thought mini golf would make for a more relaxed setting than a fancy restaurant.

Thanks for your help!

Could I text her like: 'Hi Lis, I realize our date wasn't that great for you I still appreciate that you spent time with me! Maybe you'd give me a chance to prove I can plan a good date? '. Can I send this?


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  • Personally I love your first date idea. I would have thought it was perfect & fun, not childish. I'd say ask for a second date yes but don't bring up the fact that you think she didn't have a good time. That's a bit off and throws the entire tone of the text in the wrong direction. Just say "Hey! I had a great time the other day/night and I'd love to go on another date with you. I was thinking dinner at *insert a nice restaurants's name*" I say opt for another dinner or even lunch but leave the activities behind. If she says no then you know she's just not feeling chemistry with you and at least you tried!


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  • Did you ask her whether she wanted to play mini golf? I know if a date took me on mini golf I'd be like 'erm okay then'. A lot of women aren't into that kind of stuff. She could of shown at least a little bit of enthusiasm even if she wasn't having a good time. You clearly put a little bit of effort organising the date and she obviously didn't appreciate it.
    I personally think you shouldn't ask her out again if she were 'so unhappy' on the first date. There's plenty of fish out there but you need to find your Nemo xD
    From a girls point of view.. If you're going to ask her out on a date again.. Ask her what's her favourite movie genre and take her to the cinemas! If she doesn't appreciate it go home, if she does appreciate it take her for a meal afterwards or if your legal.. Take her to a club/pub and buy her drinks.
    That would be my perfect date.. Cinemas and then club/pub :P

    • To me it wasn't about the mini golf as much but more about an activity that gives you the chance to get to know each other and take the tension away if things got awkward. I offered to leave after probably not even half the course so at least her misery was short :) I think I'm going to ask her even if it might seem like I'm not able to take a hint haha

  • Are you serious? Just say, "Hey Liz, I had a great time with you. I would like to take you out again, when is it a good time for you? I am available, (such and such). Let me know a I look forward in getting to know you. That's it!! THE END!

    • Isn't she going to think that there is something wrong with me if I tell her that I had a great time when clearly she didn't. Don't I at least need to acknowledge it to not come off as insensitive?

    • N. Given yourn example of what you should say to her makes you sound like you are catering to her (and thats the last thing a gorgeous woman wants but dont be an idiot either in not caring about her at all) You gotta find the alance man. Take charge but also let her know you are interested in her.

    • No, not N.

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