Dating advice for a big guy at university?

I'm pretty tall and got a bit too much weight on myself. Kinda like Marshall from HIMYM I'm also in law school so I'm actually a lot like this character just less goofy and good with women.

The girls at my school are all so sophisticated and stylish so a guy like me is no option for them even if I try my best in dressing well.

I realize my weight is a turn off to many so I'm exercising daily and it shows but still needs some time.

Is there a place I could meet a girl who would maybe like to go out with me. Just being friends or being friends first would be OK too.


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  • There's no better place than school. You aren't going to meet a good woman at a bar or club so just delete those options right now. You meet people by being yourself. Be friendly, strike up a conversation when you want to, and don't be desperate. You don't sound desperate to me anyway, you just want a companion. A friend. If girls don't want to be your friend based on your looks right now, then they are shallow because I am nice to EVERYBODY, I don't care who they are. You sound like you want to meet a girl who is at least on your level, look for girls in your classes? Good luck, my friend :)

    • Thanks :) but the girls in my classes are no option really since they are wayyy out of my league. I've tried with a few but there just not interested. I don't blame them but this kinda limits my options.

    • Then they are shallow. People "out of my league" strike up conversations. It's not in me to be rude to them based on status. That's stupid. And people who I think are above my status are nice to me. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. That's all there is to it. It doesn't matter who you are, if you aren't comfortable in who you are then other people won't be either.

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  • It's a given that us men like those lovely out-of-reach women. But they are out-of-reach for a reason, they don't like men who aren't on their level.

    So I suggest that instead of trying to bite more than you could chew, try and meet someone you are comfortable being with. Don't be too hasty and get a girlfriend or a date 'just because'

    The reason you may be feeling this way is because you want to find a connection. To be with someone you can share with. Why not go to a place that you love, join an activity or a club you're interested in, and then find someone from there?

    Once you do meet someone you have found a connection, either because you have the same taste in food, music, or hobbies, then conversation will come naturally. You'd inevitably find yourselves doing lots of things together, because you like the same stuff.

    Because a date or a girlfriend shouldn't be your boss. Don't change yourself just so they'll like you. You should only change if you want that change for yourself. And if you find someone who likes you as who you are like that, then you both are good to go!