I accidentally friendzoned him and then realized I liked him...is there any way to fix this?

So I didn't realize we were on a date and I guess we've technically gone out twice now... The first time, I just kind of reminded him of his ex and even confirmed her phone number for him... I KNOW I'M DUMB. So after the first date, I was driving with a friend and all the sudden heard someone saying "HEYYYY!" from a car over, but I couldn't see the driver and wasn't sure who it was so I ignored it... Until the person passed me, and it was him, waving and smiling at me...with his ex in the front seat with him (there was another person with them too). Then he actually spent the night at her house like the next day. When we hung out a few days after, I wasn't going to bring it up, but he did! I just kinda removed myself from the convo because really, what right do I have to be jealous? (none.) But he kept saying, "it was SUCH a mistake! I'm still friends with her family but I'm NEVER going to date her again!" Then he spent like a solid 2 days with her. He even stayed over at her house...sure it was on the couch but still! But the whole time, he was texting and snapchatting me - his responses were literally like a minute after I sent something. And when he's with me he always ignores his phone... is there a way to let him know I'm interested? And what's up with hanging out with his ex girlfriend (who cheated on him) when he said he never wants to get back together with her, even if he is friends with her family?


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  • You fucked up by friendzoning him. You have to be equally as blunt now to tell him he's out of it, if he wants to be. No amount of hinting is going to work. You have to be blunt, to undo the previous damage.

    So tell him. Straight up. You're interested now, and you weren't before.


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  • I would not even get involved with that situation. He is still spending time with his Ex and everything else and why do that to your self. Thats only setting you up for a heart break. Just step back from that whole situation because thats only leading to trouble.