My friends want me to break up with my boyfriend? Are they worried or just being hateful?

I have been dating this guy I meet through a friend for about four months now, and this is my first official relationship. In this four months, we have only been able to see each other once even though we have made plan to see each other again is hard when we both live a little more than an hour away from one another. I'm a college student, and he works a lot plus he's an athlete.

My friends have said that I should break up with him because; 1.they think I'm the other girl, boyfriend is not in school, means he has no future 3. he just using me for sex, even though we have never had sex before.

Those were the main reason as to why they want me to break up with him but my problem is one of them only meet him long enough to introduce himself and the other one hasn't even meet him at all. The friend who introduce us has said that he use to sleep around, and my boyfriend and I have talk about his past relationships. I don't tell my friend about my relationship issue just because I feel like it should stay between me and my BF.

If anyone could give me any advice about what to do when this comes up about it?
Should I talk to my boyfriend about this issue? Are my friends concern or are they just pulling me down?


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  • so let's see their reasons and the rational behind it
    1) they think you are the other girl
    - how do they know? do they have some sort of proof? know his history? his background? his relationship situation?

    2) my boyfriend is not in school?
    - fairly legit argument. but going to college isn't the only path to a secure future. I think you have to judge for yourself his prospects for the future realizing that college and success are not intrinsically linked

    3) just using you for sex
    - fair argument but the fact is you decide if and when you have sex

    I think your friends have some reasons they think should raise red flags. they are looking out for you but you need to be able to balance both their opinions and your own person experience with the guy. sure you live an hour away but that really isn't all that great of a distance. why don't you meet up more often? you both have responsibilities and obligations but you both also have weekends and evenings. To me it seems odd that you have an "official relationship" with a guy you've only gone on a date with once. It does suggest to me that one or both of you is not fully invested.


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  • If the only "friends" telling you to break up, are girls? Ignore them. Girls routinely give each other the worst advice.

    If any of your friends are male, and telling you the same thing, then listen to them.


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  • If you don't want to talk about him with your friends, then the best thing to do is not bring it up. If they ask how things are, stick to short closed comments, like we are good, the usual, everything is good etc.. Then change the subject.

    But i will say this, if you have seen this guy once? You are not dating, dating is a plural. You have had one date. Phone calls, e-mails, texts, snap chat etc, are not dates.
    With this in mind, your friends are definitely over-reacting.. It could just be that because this is your 'first official relationship' they are just overly protective of you.
    Either way, get to know him a little better, see what he's really like in person, and then really think about who he is and if that is someone you want to be with..

  • I'm going through something similar too; my friend has been dating a guy with no future who sits around watching TV all day. He never takes her out on dates unless she begs so they basically just sit around all day every day. He grades are dropping and yet she blames it on other things instead of admitting that it's because he's dulled her motivation. My other friend and I really dislike their relationship, but she thinks we're just hating on her, just like you. We can see things from the outside, though. In your case, I don't think there's enough information yet for you to decide for sure that he's no good or he's awesome, but if it continues that he rarely has time for you or isn't trying to improve his life career-wise, you might want to rethink things.

  • I'm going through the same thing with my best friend right now. She is dating this guy who is not right for her and i know it. Our friends can see from the outside looking in while we only see whats happening around us. Friends have a better insight and can see the things going on. If you like him and will not break up with him then all your friends can do is support you and be there for you no matter what. Thats what i told my friend i said i dont agree with your choice but you are my best friend and i will be there for you no matter what because i love you