I feel like I'm her back up guy?

So I've been talking to a girl for almost a month now and we were going good! We are going to prom together and I thought we had something between us but apparently not... I asked her where we stood and she said that she's not looking for a relationship right now. She asked what I wanted and I said I thought we had something. She told me that we could have something in the future. I know this other guy has been hitting on her. Normally I would just walk away before I get hurt but I can't because we are going to prom together so I can't just stop talking to her. It sucks though because I don't know if I'm her back up or if she really does want something down the road.. Any advice?


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  • Yeah, she's not interested. If she was, she wouldn't wait until "the future."
    A guy told me that once. He said "who knows what will happen in the future" but nothing happened. She's trying to string you along because she likes the attention. I say go to prom with her but keep your distance after that. And I think normalice is wrong too. If you really like her, sleeping with her will only make it worse.


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  • She agree to go to prom with you first though, right? If you're the guy from the question about this before?

    Maybe she just wants a relationship now. Do you know anything about the other guy?

    • No not much.

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    • I've backed off since she told me we don't have anything right now.. I just feel used. I still walk her to class and she still turns to face me like she wants to kiss or something I'm just confused

    • It's hard to say without actually knowing her and seeing her reactions, but I think you're going about it the right away. And I don't blame you…that's a tricky thing.

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  • sounds like friends with benefits potential. I realize not all guys are into that, but most are. Unless you are an exception, go for it!

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